Austin Martinez

Student-Athlete Profile
NCAA ID #: 1202809426
(1B) (C) (SS)
5' 11"
192 lbs. lbs.
High School:
Marshall (Marshall, WI)
Graduating Class:

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Bats : Right > Handed Throws: Right > Handed
60 Yard Dash: > F.A.T Broad Jump:
Pro Agility: > F.A.T Times and marks verified by: Not Verified
  • Have you visited with any PRO Scouts? yes
  • Organization(S): white sox's
  • Have you ever been drafted? no
  • Draft information: n/a
High School Team: Marshall Team Record:
Head Coach's Name: Travis Galston High School Division: Division 2
Head Coach's Phone: Restricted Jersey Number: 7
Head Coach's E-mail: Restricted Jersey Colors:
Club Team's Name: Home Talent (wood bats) Club Coach's Name: Brandon Witkowski
  • Notable Baseball Tournaments and Dates:
  • Other Sports Played:
  • Baseball Athletic Awards/Honors:
    2011 3rd base 1st Team All Conference, MVP Offensive Player Of The Year, 2012 1st base 2nd Team All Conference. Topped the school record for most hits in a season.
  • Additional Sports Information:
    2012 Legion: B.A 586 / OB% 709 & Slug% 827 // 2012 Hometalent: B.A 340 / OB% 456 & Slug% 504// 2013 HomeTalent B.A 512 OB% 583 & Slug % 505.

Graduating Class: 2013 High School: Marshall
GPA/Scale: 3.1/4.0 Location: Marshall, WI
Class Rank: 36/94 School Phone: 608-655-1310
Enrollment: 290

SAT Test Date:

Counselor's Name: Karen Krause
SAT Score: 0 Counselor's Phone: Restricted
ACT Test Date: 5/14/2011 Counselor's E-mail: Restricted
Score: 23

Desired Major: Biology science

NCAA Eligibility Center Registered: 1202809426
  • AP/Honors Classes: N/A
  • Academic Awards/Honors: Magna Cum Laude
  • Additional Academic Information: N/A

Name: Austin Martinez Athlete's Phone: Restricted
Age: 17 Athlete's E-mail: Restricted
Parent Name: Albert Martinez Jr Parent Phone: Restricted
Address: Restricted Parent E-mail: Restricted
  • What are your hobbies?
    Hunting & Fishing
  • What are three characteristics that describe yourself?
    Loyal, Dedicated, Confident
  • Who will be most influential in helping you choose a college?
    My Family

  • TAW: What would it mean to you to play your sport in college?
    Austin Martinez: It would mean I made it to the second level of my lifetime dreams and goals in baseball.

  • TAW: What is one of your classroom goals?
    Austin Martinez: One of my classroom goals is to graduate with a 3.4 or better GPA

  • TAW: What is one of your team goals?
    Austin Martinez: Our 2012 team will be a "young" team, after loosing eleven seniors; our challenge will be to win conference. I think with hard work and dedication. We can accomplish that.

  • TAW: What is one of your individual goals?
    Austin Martinez: My goal is to win Capital South player of the year, to make the All-State Team and also be recognized as a potential college student-athlete.

  • TAW: What would you like college coaches to know about you?
    Austin Martinez: I would like my college coach to know that I am very competitive and will commit to the hard work it will take to be successful in the classroom & on the field.