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Unlimited Access to College Coaches Database (25,000+ coaches)
  • NCAA I coaches (all sports)
  • NCAA II coaches (all sports)
  • NCAA III coaches (all sports)
  • NAIA coaches (all sports)
  • NJCAA coaches (all sports)
  • Search for colleges by location, size, tuition costs, division and academics (GPA, Class Rank, SAT/ACT scores)
  • Find college coaches names, emails, phone numbers and school addresses in seconds.

  • Unlimited Access to My Locker Room Dashboard
  • Build your student-athlete profile, wherever you are located
  • Two video upload slots (can have up to 10 videos slots)
  • Multi-sport tab included
  • Four year stat capture included
  • Academic tab included
  • Personal tab included
  • Student-Athlete Interview tab included
  • References tab included

  • Email/Voicemail Worksheets
  • How to write an email to a college coach included
  • How to leave a voicemail for a college coach included

  • Nutrition Guide
  • Learn from professional and NCAA athletes on the importance of nutrition
  • Recommended products to match your goals
  • Trusted resources

  • Gameplan to College Recruiting eBook
  • 9 tips to get your family started in the college recruiting process


    Additional Notes
  • 1 membership account per student-athlete is required.
  • If you are a college recruiting service, third party recruiter, scout, competitor or anything remotely close, a membership at The Athlete Watch is not for you.

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