Lane Luxem

Student-Athlete Profile
NCAA ID #: 1107547029
5' 9''
200 lbs. lbs.
High School:
Kettle Moraine (Wales, WI)
Graduating Class:

Student-Athlete has not uploaded a Athletic video
40 Yard Dash: > F.A.T Vertical Jump:
Pro Agility: > F.A.T Bench Reps: lbs
Times and marks verified by: Not Verified
High School Team: Kettle Moraine Team Record:
Head Coach's Name: Darnell Wiltz High School Division: Division 1
Head Coach's Phone: Restricted Jersey Number: 22
Head Coach's E-mail: Restricted Jersey Colors: navy/gold
  • Other Sports Played:
  • Football Athletic Awards/Honors:
  • Additional Sports Information:
    Here is a link to HUDL highlights for 2012

Graduating Class: 2013 High School: Kettle Moraine
GPA/Scale: 3.0 Location: Wales, WI
Class Rank: N/A School Phone: 2629686200
Enrollment: 1400

SAT Test Date:

Counselor's Name: Jim Zieman
SAT Score: 0 Counselor's Phone: Restricted
ACT Test Date: N/A Counselor's E-mail: Restricted
Score: 0

Desired Major: Educaqtion/Coaching

NCAA Eligibility Center Registered: 1107547029
  • AP/Honors Classes: N/A
  • Academic Awards/Honors: N/A
  • Additional Academic Information: N/A

Name: Lane Luxem Athlete's Phone: Restricted
Age: 17 Athlete's E-mail: Restricted
Parent Name: Amy Barholf Parent Phone: Restricted
Address: Restricted Parent E-mail: Restricted
  • What are your hobbies?
    Football, Lacrosse, Frolfing, Watching Sports, Baseball, umpingl
  • What are three characteristics that describe yourself?
    Honest, Hard-Working, Responsible
  • Who will be most influential in helping you choose a college?
    My Mom

  • TAW: What would it mean to you to play your sport in college?
    Lane Luxem: It would mean everything to me to play football in college. Since I started on the flag football field 10 years ago, I have watched and followed college football. It has always been my dream to continue to play after High School.

  • TAW: What is one of your classroom goals?
    Lane Luxem: My goal in the classroom is always to study hard and be the best student I can, to maintain the highest GPA possible. I want to continue to learn and grow as a student.

  • TAW: What is one of your team goals?
    Lane Luxem: To Win the conference and make the playoffs, improve each and every day at practice.

  • TAW: What is one of your individual goals?
    Lane Luxem: Continue to grow as an athlete /football player, be a team leader and always work hard .

  • TAW: What would you like college coaches to know about you?
    Lane Luxem: Football is my passion. I work hard, and play even harder. I am hard working, and willing to go the extra mile to do whatever my team needs for me to do, and for my coaches as well. I will invest the time and dedication to be my best, and help make the team the best they can be.

  • Name: Brad Arnett Title: Personal Trainer
    Phone: Restricted Email: Restricted
    Comments: Brad has been working with me at NX level during the off season. It is because of him that I am bigger, faster and stronger.

  • Name: Head Coach Frosh/JV Title: Nick Lewein
    Phone: Restricted Email: Restricted
    Comments: Nick was my head coach my Frosh and Sophomore Year on JV where I was a starter both ways.

  • Name: Mike Fink Title: Athletic Director/Head Coach Sophomore year Varsity
    Phone: Restricted Email: Restricted
    Comments: Mr Fink has known me for 4 years as an athlete, and was my head coach on Varsity during my 10th grade year.