Student-Athlete Profile: My Locker Room

A student-athlete profile consists of your academic information, athletic information, personal information, a student-athlete interview and references. In your student-athlete profile you will be gathering and featuring the same information college coaches request with an initial questionnaire.

Each student-athlete will have their very own “My Locker Room” which will allow you to upload sports action photos, add and edit account information and even order more student-athlete cards through the Pro Shop. Two video uploads will be available for student-athletes. If there is a need more space for video, there is an option to Enhance Your Locker and add up to ten videos. Once your student-athlete profile is built, it's time to use our powerful database of 25,000 current college coaches at NCAA (Divisions I, II and III), NAIA schools and Junior Colleges.

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Screen shot: My Locker Room, a user friendly dashboard for student-athletes to customize their profile.

College Coaches Database: Customize Your Search

Explore our powerful database of 25,000 current college coaches at NCAA (Divisions I, II and III), NAIA schools and Junior Colleges. Search for colleges by location, size, tuition costs, sport, division and academics (grades, class rank, SAT/ACT). Find coaches names, emails, phone numbers and addresses in seconds.

Screen shot: College Coaches Database Region Search.

Search for colleges by location, size, tuition costs, sport, division and academics (grades, class rank, SAT/ACT).

Screen shot: College Coaches Database Customized Search.

Find coaches names, emails, phone numbers and addresses in seconds.

Screen shot: College Coach Contact Information.

Student-Athlete Profile: Profile Picture

The profile picture is the first thing a college coach will see of you. Make sure it is a good one. Using a headshot picture where a college coach can clearly see your face will be the most effective. Make them remember your face.

Featured next to your profile picture will be important initial information useful for college coaches. You will additionally have access to add a hyperlink to your high school’s homepage and list your NCAA Eligibility Center ID Number.

You are also able to share, tweet and post your student-athlete profile on multiple social networking platforms to help gain exposure. More than ever college coaches use social media outlets to research student-athletes. Your social media pages may be taken as a reflection of your character. You will want to ensure your pages do not contain any information a potential recruiter might consider negatively.

Screen shot: Profile Picture, Initial Content and Photo Album.

Student-Athlete Profile: Stat Capture Entire High School Career

Once you step on campus as a freshman in high school, the college recruiting process begins. Your student-athlete profile will allow you to capture athletic statistics over the entire course of your high school career. It is crucial to provide college coaches truthful and accurate information, and our stat capture allows a coach to see the improvements you have made throughout your high school career.

Duel sport athletes, do not worry! Our student-athlete profiles will allow you to capture and display stats for both sports. In the college recruiting process, we want to make sure our student-athletes and families are in control the entire time. You will have the flexibility to update your stats once a year, or once a day. It is up to you!.

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Screen shot: Stat Capture

Student-Athlete Profile: Academic

The Academic tab will be the most visited tab on your student-athlete profile. It does not matter how big, how fast, or how strong you are; if you do not have the grades college coaches will pass on you and move on to the next student-athlete.

Make sure to schedule time with your counselor to get correct information regarding your academics and other requirements. There is also an area for you to enter your NCAA Eligibility Center ID number. Student-athletes can register with the NCAA Eligibility Center after July 1 of their junior year. This is strongly recommended.

There is nothing more attractive then a student-athlete who takes care of business in the classroom. When a college coach is comparing two student-athletes who have the same athletic ability, the student-athlete with the grades will get the nod, every time.

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Screen shot: Academic Info tab

Student-Athlete Profile: Personal

The Personal tab allows you to post information about what you find important in life. You want to let college coaches know who you are and what matters to in your life. These are important questions for college coaches to evaluate when recruiting a student-athlete. Remember, a college coach wants a well rounded, quality student-athlete.

Why are the phone numbers and email addresses restricted?

The Athlete Watch is a public website and we want to ensure our student-athletes and families private information stay private. We will never give away or sell your information to a third party.

Since my contact information is restricted, how does a coach contact me?

A college coach has the ability to request your contact information right from your student-athlete profile. When we receive an inquiry from a coach requesting your contact information, we immediately put the student-athlete and college coach in contact. Keep in mind - if you are following The Athlete Watch game plan, you will already be sending out emails and calling on college coaches to make a strong first impression.

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Screen shot: Personal Info tab

Student-Athlete Profile: Interview

The Student-Athlete Interview tab is a list of five important questions to give college coaches a better insight into who you are and what goals you have set for yourself.

College coaches love to see student-athletes who are goal setters. Be sure to answer each question and double check spelling and grammar. Take the time to really think and consider each question and write a detailed response to each question.

Example: What is one of your classroom goals?
Poor answer: Make straight A’s
Good answer: I am taking a lot of difficult classes this semester but with hard work and determination my goal is to make straight A’s!

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Screen shot: Student-Athlete Interview tab

Student-Athlete Profile: References

The References tab will give you the opportunity to highlight what others are saying about you. This is a good way for college coaches to learn more about who you are and what you are about.

You have the ability to add up to three references that can be changed or updated at anytime. Reach out to your head coach and ask him or her for a reference. It is also good to include someone in the community, away from sports, to give you a reference on your character. Establishing contacts, for reference or for opportunities in general, is a skill that will serve you now and for the rest of your life.

Completing the References tab is optional and whether you use it or not is your choice. However, if you want a highly functional student-athlete profile that will stand out when a college coach reviews it, you will want to have a few references.

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Screen shot: References tab

Embedded Video

The Embedded Video feature is a tool allowing you to upload a highlight reel, game film or even a personal workout. College coaches watch film to rank and recruit student-athletes. In order to have a highly functional profile using an embedded video is a must if you want to showcase your talents. We suggest including your highlight reel or strongest game film.

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Screen shot: 4-Pack Embedded Video