Ronald Rogers

Student-Athlete Profile
NCAA ID #: 1405716730
(D) (RW)
6' 2 1/2"
195 lbs.
High School:
Graduating Class:
> H: Right hand-shot Times and marks verified by: Not Verified
High School Team: Saline Hornets Team Record: 10-11-1
Head Coach's Name: Drew Denzin High School Division: Division II
Head Coach's Phone: Restricted Jersey Number: 27
Head Coach's E-mail: Restricted Jersey Colors: blue and yellow
Club Team's Name: Club Coach's Name:
  • Notable Hockey Tournaments and Dates:
    Michigan High School Excellence Program 2013 & 2014; High School Playoffs 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Other Sports Played:
  • Hockey Athletic Awards/Honors:
    Honorable Mention SEC Red Division; Hardest Slapshot for High School Division - 2013 at Hockey Uni
  • Additional Sports Information:

Graduating Class: 2015 High School: Saline High School
GPA/Scale: 2.96 Location: Saline, MI
Class Rank: N/A School Phone: 734.429.8030
Enrollment: 1,800

SAT Test Date:

Counselor's Name: Kathy Mussio
SAT Score: 0 Counselor's Phone: Restricted
ACT Test Date: March 2014 Counselor's E-mail: Restricted
Score: 24

Desired Major: Athletic Training

NCAA Eligibility Center Registered: 1405716730
  • AP/Honors Classes: N/A
  • Academic Awards/Honors: Honor Roll Winter 2012
  • Additional Academic Information: N/A

Name: Ronald Rogers Athlete's Phone: Restricted
Age: 17 Athlete's E-mail: Restricted
Parent Name: Scott Rogers Parent Phone: Restricted
Address: Restricted Parent E-mail: Restricted
  • What are your hobbies?
    Fishing, golfing, baseball, snowboarding
  • What are three characteristics that describe yourself?
    Confident; Intense on Ice; Motivated on Ice
  • Who will be most influential in helping you choose a college?
    Mom & Dad

  • TAW: What would it mean to you to play your sport in college?
    Ronald Rogers: It would allow me to continue to play something I love and have done for 2/3 of my life. It would allow me to advance myself to the next level of play and continue to grow not only as a player but as a teammate and person.

  • TAW: What is one of your classroom goals?
    Ronald Rogers: To continue to increase my knowledge base in a wide variety of areas while improving my current GPA

  • TAW: What is one of your team goals?
    Ronald Rogers: To come together as a group of guys and make a deeper push into the playoffs in my senior year

  • TAW: What is one of your individual goals?
    Ronald Rogers: Helping my team get to a Division Championship and to continue to play the sport I love at the next level.

  • TAW: What would you like college coaches to know about you?
    Ronald Rogers: I am a hard worker and very focused on the ice. I can help change the course of a game with my defensive play as well as my passing ability. I am a strong skater and possess a decent set of mitts.

  • Name: Drew Denzin Title: Varsity Hockey Coach, Teacher
    Phone: Restricted Email: Restricted
    Comments: I have had the good fortune to play under Coach Denzin for 3 full seasons and am looking forward to my senior year with him as well. He has helped me grow as a player and an individual both on the ice and in the classroom.

  • Name: Julie Helber Title: Principal, Saline High School
    Phone: Restricted Email: Restricted
    Comments: I have known Mrs. Helber since 2003 both as a family friend and as my high school principle.

  • Name: Audra Lucas Title: High School Teacher
    Phone: Restricted Email: Restricted
    Comments: I have known Mrs. Lucas since my freshman year, 2011, and have come to think of her as great teacher and supporter.