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It is important to us that you learn from the experiences of others who have used The Athlete Watch platform as pro-active tool in college recruiting. If it worked for them, it can work for you! If you have used our program, please send us an e-mail, we would love to hear your story.

U.S. Olympian, Johnny Quinn helps high school student-athletes! To read the full article, please click here.

"As parents of a high school athlete moving into his senior year, we thought that our son RJ had a set of skills playing hockey that could benefit a college team. RJ has played for his high school varsity hockey team for the last 3 years and the exposure his team gets is not very much. What we did not know was how to start the process of self recruiting. Johnny Quinn and The Athlete Watch gave us the tools, confidence and knowledge to develop a good profile for RJ and start getting him involved in the process of self recruiting. As parents, one of our concerns was the cost and “Bang for your Buck” return on yet another service to assist young athletes move into the college ranks. However, after speaking with Johnny several times we became comfortable with what the program at The Athlete Watch has to offer with a cost that is extremely reasonable when compared to other sites. The aspect of The Athlete Watch that makes us most comfortable is the personal attention we have received from Johnny and his staff. Whenever we have a question it is answered in a timely fashion and since Johnny, himself, has been through this process it feels like he really understands what our concerns and goals are at this point. Johnny spent some time on a conference call with us and RJ where he took us step-by-step through the process and assisted us in getting video uploaded to RJ’s profile. RJ has become more involved in the process and in a short time has received some feedback from several coaches stating they enjoyed viewing his profile on The Athlete Watch. We do not know where this process will take RJ but we feel that with the help of Johnny, his staff and The Athlete Watch we have the best opportunity to get RJ to the next level. Thanks to Johnny and everyone at The Athlete Watch!"
–– Scott, Marissa and RJ Rogers, Saline, Michigan
"It’s real, and it’s credible. That is the best thing about Johnny and The Athlete Watch. This is not someone trying to figure out how to make a quick buck. This is created by a young man that has worked as hard as anybody, and I think that’s why the site differentiates itself from other common services."
–– Rick Villarreal, Athletic Director, University of North Texas

"I like how there isn't a username and login at The Athlete Watch, and how they properly test student-athletes with fully automatic timing devices."
–– Eric Morris, Assistant Football Coach, Texas Tech University
"The Athlete Watch is the perfect program to help student-athletes get the recognition they deserve in the college recruiting process. Johnny Quinn and his team not only provide the necessary tools for this but they also genuinely care about the student-athletes involved. TAW is a class act all the way!"
–– Weston Dressler, 2008 CFL Rookie of the Year, Saskatchewan Roughriders

"Johnny, I just wanted to tell you that I was really impressed with The Athlete Watch. I appreciate you using Justin for the video. He is really excited about what this can do for him in the future. I wish you all the luck in the world. I look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks for all the help."
–– Robby King, Parent (Lexington, KY)
"The tests that Mason went through at The Athlete Watch are specifically designed to test him against other athletes and show his abilities so that coaches can compare the fully automated timing and results and not someone’s stopwatch. It is a big improvement to be able to provide coaches a view of what Mason can do. If you are truly interested in your son or daughter pursing an athletic scholarship then The Athlete Watch is a must have."
–– Scott Hart, Parent (Melissa, TX)

"As an athletic business consultant and high school and club volleyball coach, I've seen and heard every confusing message and myth out there about being recruited to play at the collegiate level. It is both frustrating and time-consuming for student-athletes and parents alike. What Johnny Quinn has done at The Athlete Watch - providing affordable tools to help properly market the athletes and being an information hub for families on what steps to take - is not only helpful, it's necessary. Drawing on his own experiences, it's obvious that Johnny Quinn and The Athlete Watch strive to see student-athletes succeed. I've seen families shell out thousands trying to get their athlete recruited. The Athlete Watch offers tools and extensive knowledge for an affordable price."
–– Madelyn Vieth, Athletic Business Consultant and radio show host of "Get Real with The getREAL Coach" (Amarillo, TX)

The Athlete Watch college-recruiting seminar will give you real life insight on the recruiting process, and what the NCAA requires you to have in place in order to start the process, not a recorded corporate sales pitch. The Athlete Watch and NX Level are two organizations founded on real life experiences that have been there and done it."
–– Brad Arnett, Owner, NX Level Sports Performance (Waukesha, WI)

"As a parent we are always searching for the best tools, the best advice and the best resources to help our children succeed. We also must recognize financial obligations, and make wise choices in how we spend our money. Having an athlete that wants to compete at the next level beyond high school, there are many options out there that require enormous amounts of money to help in this process, and there are still no guarantees. We are very thankful to Brad Arnett of NX Level who helped our family find Johnny Quinn and The Athlete Watch. We dove right in and took a chance, because it was an affordable option, not one that we had come upon before. For the small fee of the very professional profile, we are already singing the praises, and thanking The Athlete Watch. Within 24 hours of sending out just a few e-mails, a response was received and Lane was invited to a game, and is now in contact with this school. If you want the best possible advice, tools and help in advancing your athlete to the next level, you need The Athlete Watch and Johnny Quinn and his team. The professional and personal touch are amazing!"
–– Amy Bartholf, Parent (North Prairie, WI)

"The Athlete Watch is a valuable tool for collegiate coaches because it provides for a reliable and consistent testing protocol. As a collegiate strength coach it becomes difficult to compare student-athletes when they are tested with different implements thus testing results can be inaccurate. Not only can coaches compare the student-athletes with accurate testing results but coaches will be able to view the student-athletes athleticism via video and evaluate accordingly. Johnny Quinn has become successful personally and professionally because of his determination, passion, and integrity. With the efforts of Johnny and The Athlete Watch, student-athletes will be given an opportunity to take their career to the next level. "
–– Rick Lefebvre, Performance Coach, Michael Johnson Performance Center (McKinney, TX)
Former college strength coach at University of Wisconsin Green Bay, Marquette University, the University of Texas at El Paso, and the University of North Texas.

“Our partnership with The Athlete Watch allows us to provide not only our current athletes, but all athletes in the area a valuable tool in the recruiting process,” says Armstrong. My business partner and I truly believe in the concept behind TAW and we are honored to be a designated testing site."
–– Jeremy Armstrong, Owner, XCEL Sport Science & Fitness (Lexington, KY)
"The Athlete Watch gets the whole family involved with the routine of the college recruiting process. Parents are hoping their high school coach will work to get their kid a scholarship and in reality most coaches don’t do that, it’s not their job. You have to sit down as a family and make a plan and that is where The Athlete Watch comes in to help."
–– John Schildt, Parent and High School Coach (Richardson, TX)

"Here at Oaklands we pride ourselves on being innovative and accommodating for our student-athletes. Once we heard and saw the great work demonstrated by the team at The Athlete Watch, we knew this was something that could enhance the future prospects of our aspiring athletes in the academic and athletic aspects of life."
–– Ryan Freckleton, Performance Manager, Advanced Sports Program at Oaklands College (St Albans, UK)

"I would like to thank you for providing The Athlete Watch to student-athletes. Your words have inspired Austin, and I thank you for that!"
–– Al Martinez, Parent (Marshall, WI)